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BB YUMMY     60 MIN  $115  

 A custom 1 hour facial that is perfect for your monthly maintenance! It has everything you need to keep your skin on the right track and looking it"s best! Comes with a deep purifying cleanse and steam. Extractions will be performed if the client needs them, followed by a tailored masque. I highly recommend an enzyme peel as an add on to this facialEnzyme peels are a gentler solution than the more      aggressive chemical peels. They naturally exfoliate dead skin cells, exposing the healthier, younger skin underneath. You will see and feel an immediate difference in your skins clarity, texture and smoothness!

LIGHT ME UP     90 MIN  $125

LED light therapy has been proven to heal and repair cell damage in the skin. It's great for anti-aging, reduces inflammation, aids in product absorption, helps blood circulation and improves fine lines and wrinkles. Proven by NASA to heal cell damage this treatment can target areas of concern. Blue Light is perfect for people suffering with acne because it kills bacteria that lies underneath the skin while Red Light is best for anti-aging because it stimulates collagen to plump and reduce fine lines. Like most of my facials this is not only result driven but perfect for all over healing. During the LED light treatment you will be blissfully carried away with a neck, shoulder & head massage to melt away the stress of the day. You will emerge radiant, lifted and firm. Perfect to ensure holistic health throughout!

JUST A QUICKY     45 MIN   $85

Designed to keep your skin balanced and maintained in-between your regular visits or a quick pick me up. Perfect for that person who wants to keep up the  health of their skin but doesn't always have the time. In todays day and age we are all running at full capacity, so to keep you looking your best even when you're on the fly I've created this facial especially for you. Packed with a collagen boosting enzyme peel and a deep exfoliating cleanse 

TEEN ESSENCE     45-60 MIN  $85

Perfect for the teen who wants to stay on the right side of their skin care health. Geared to minimize breakouts and establish a healthy, holistic routine. This facial, like all my facials, I like to start with an initial skin consultation that evaluates every aspect of your skin for the best approach to suit your needs and concerns. Both external and internal factors will be considered to support optimal results. Acne can be discouraging I know, because I suffered myself with it for years! It wasn't until I started  getting facials with a friend who was an esthetician at the time, that I gained the confidence and control over it. I would love to help you gain that same confidence. Happy healthy skin starts here!

* keep in mind that some may need more extractions this may result in a fluctuation of time and price. This will be discussed before the treatment begins to avoid any surprises.

GET UP AND GLOW     75 MIN  $125

Kick that dull sun damaged skin to the curb with a high anti-oxidant Vitamin C enzyme peel facial. Also known as L-ascorbic acid, vitamin C has the ability to protect and strengthen the skin like no other! Aiding in repairing damaged skin cells caused by UV exposure. It lightens,  brightens, firms, reduces fine lines and boost collagen production. Giving you a noticeable youthful  glow. So whether you have younger skin or mature skin this facial is a must have!

THE MARY JANE     60MIN  $95

CBD is becoming well known for its ability to repair and heal our largest organ, the skin. This facial is greatly beneficial  for anyone, also soothing enough for over active skin such as Rosacea, acne or sensitive skin. Using high quality hemp derived CBD, plant-based cosmeceuticals and PHYTO-nutrient rich botanical extracts The Mary Jane will not only hydrate and moisturize your skin, it will help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. CBD is also rich in anti-oxidants and is naturally high in Vitamins A,D,E and essential fatty acids, which are extremely important  for the overall look and appearance of your skin.

* Code Of Harmony products are used in this treatment

Image by Hanf garten


The short answer,  CBD is a molecule found in hemp. It's like a best friend, it supports you, brings you back to balance when you're stressed and makes you better! The longer answer is that CBD which stands for Cannabidiol, is an active molecule found in Cannabis. CBD is just one of  many cannabinoids  found in the hemp plant (there are over 100) CBD oil is derived from the stalk and stem of the hemp plant. So hemp and marijuana are NOT the same thing because CBD is extracted from the part of the plant that does NOT make you loopy. This means you will receive all the calming and healing effects without the THC (the part that gets you high)  So rest assured that you won't be running for some Cheeto's but you will be running back for this facial again and again.


Treat it right

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