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GUA SHA     60 MIN  $115


A unique treatment originating  from Traditional Eastern massage modalities. Gua Sha, pronounced (Gwa Sha) has been known as "The Natural Facelift"  I use a real Rose Quartz crystal Gua Sha tool to sculpt, tone, detoxify and contour your facial muscles and tissues. This beautiful treatment is like a workout and massage for your face! It elevates the health of your skin by restoring your lymphatic function. Facial lines will appear plumper, blood flow will improve, tension in your muscles will ease and you will have a radiant glow! Keep in mind that these results are cumulative but results are noticeable! you'll wonder why you haven't tried this before, and if you have .... well you know what I'm talking about.

Dermaplaning is swiftly taking over as the #1 way to exfoliate! Not only does it remove dead skin cells it also removes your velis hair (aka peach fuzz) But you need not worry because the hair grows back exactly the same (takes about 3-4 weeks)  This is one of my favorite treatments! I love it because it's safe and gentle but VERY effective. It starts with a deep pore cleanse and a custom enzyme peel followed by the dermaplaning treatment. After your skin is baby bottom smooth I apply a cocktail of highly beneficial serums that include growth factors, peptides and plumping agents. Having this treatment once a month will keep your skin in shape. It will lighten and brighten, also reducing fine lines, scars, age spots and hyperpigmentation. Trust me, this is a show stopper!


Also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, Microneedling is an FDA approved non-surgical procedure that is used to rejuvenate the skin and smooths skins surface by reducing fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores and scars (such as acne) The concept is based on the skins natural ability to repair itself. Tiny microscopic needles make pinpoint punctures to activate your skin into making new collagen. Chanels are formed so your skin will also be able to absorb any beneficial serums directly to the bottom layer (dermis) The response is plumper, younger looking skin. The results are similar to fractional laser treatments or chemical peels but without the side effects and extended downtime. A series of 5-6 treatments is recommended to achieve results. *Discounts on packages are available.

Results & Benefits of  Microneedling


Plasma Fibroblasting is a low risk Non-surgical cosmetic treatment that eliminates/tightens excess or sagging skin. It also improves the tone and texture of the skin. Avoid costly and risky cosmetic surgeries, take a holistic approach to natural beauty with this treatment. Fibroblast skin-tightening treatment is the most advanced non-invasive skin lifting and skin tightening procedure available. Sip from the fountain of youth without surgery, injections or scars. Fibroblasting has been reported as the Aesthetic trend that will make waves in 2020. I use the only FDA approved pen on the market and have been trained by the world renowned PRIVE Academy. It is a huge honor to provide this treatment to my clients who are looking for a remarkable alternative to surgery. This procedure is not recommend for all skin types and there are some contraindications so book a consultation today to see if you are a candidate.

* Pricing will vary per area.

  • Fine lines and Wrinkles are smoothed

  • Skin is more plump and tighter with elasticity restored

  • Acne scars and minor scars are reduced

  • Pigmentation marks such assign spots and age spots fade

  • Stretch marks are reduced

  • Healing period is minimal/ redness goes away in a day or less

  • Procedure is cost effective

  • Suited for all skin types / even laser treated skin


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